Biographie Marita Hamann - Fit mit Yoga und Pilates

 Everybody can start to make this world a better place!

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments- there are consequences. 

In life as in nature we experience the consequences of our actions. Some consequences benefit us in very positive ways. Others teach harsh lessons. But no action avoids having some effect on our lives and on the lives of other people too. It is fortunate that each of us has personal power over our actions. Individually and collectively we are in control every moment of the actions that culminate in good or bad consequences for all humanity. It is easy to overlook the ramifications of our haughty attitude toward a co-worker or our temper tantrum because we thought a loved one let us down. We easily justify our treatment of others, and seldom take responsibility for the consequences we triggered . And yet  our emotional maturity and our happiness are direct related to our commitment to behave in a responsible manner. We not only adversely affect others by our negative behavior we hamper our personal progress too.

My actions are far- reaching as are their consequences. I will take care to make them positive today.


Pilates u.Entspannung
Montag 18:00 -19:00 nur mit Anmeldung 
ab ..........2020

Classic Pilates  mit Yogaelementen 
Donnerstag ab .........2020
16:30 - 17:30 nur mit Anmeldung
  Willers- Jessen- Turnhalle



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   Pilates  VHS Montag  Kurs geht weiter  ab   ...............2020    um     16:30 - 17:45  
 Dienstag Kurs  geht weiter ab.............2020
  in der Pestalozzi Gymnastikhalle von 17:15 - 18:30 VHS (Mittelstufe)

 meine offene Pilates & Yoga nur mit Anmeldung!
mit Faszientraining und Yogaentspannung
    bedeutet man zahlt nur wenn man teilnimmt  (ohne Verpflichtung) 
                 (bis zu 15 Teilnehmerinnen)
Angebote gelten fortlaufend jeden Montag 18:00 - 19:00
und Donnerstag ...16:30 - 17:30
                                   Obolus  5€

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               Neu : Paracelsus... Pilates Grund-Seminare
ab 2020
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Vorschau:    UKSH Akademie gemeinnützige GmbH
Fort- und Weiterbildung Yoga und Pilates Seminare ab 2020  
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