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we do not always like what is good for us in this world

Today will call each of us to make our particular contributions to the moment. There is no guarantee that we will enjoy every experience, but we can be certain each one of them will teach us something we`re ready to learn because „when the student is ready, the teacher appears.“
little reflection is necessary for us to realize that our most troubling times have generally been responsible for our greatest growth. Our achievements are always accompanied by periods of frustration , occasional loss of direction, even momentary despair because the actual results miss the mark of hopes. However the passage of time makes clear that these actual results benefit us far more than those we`d hoped for.
Our personal vision is narrow and limiting. We can`t really imagine what`s in store for us. The most we can do is trust that our experiences have our best interests in tow.

I`ll remember : Today I`m a student and my experiences are my teachers.

Feel free and happy in your life
that is your birthright....
and look for good hearted people who gives you a good company with respect and an open clear mind ....Aloha

All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.
Death comes to everyone, but one mourns alone. wonderful creatures we human beings are – so alike, and yet so different! We can work together; we have built the Pyramids, the Great Wall, the great cathedrals of Europe, the temples of Peru. We can play music, make quilts, run hospitals, program computers. Yet we can also work alone. Each one of us has the power to think, to plan, to carry out projects that are distinctly ours.
We are both interdependent and independent and both of these characteristics can give us both joy and pain. Sometimes we feel burdened and oppressed by other people.
They need us, they weight on us. We think that if only they would leave us alone, we could realize our true potenial.
At other times we feel desperately, achingly alone.
Unsupported abandoned, at such times we may think that if only we had someone on our side if only someone cared, we would succeed. True freedom, however, like true security, lies within us. We cannot get them from others; we must find them in ourselves.

I will accept either good company or solitude as the condition necessary for self-fullfillment in today`s endeavors.
The wait of someone else, or to expect someone else to make my life richer, or fuller, or more satisfying, puts me in a constant state of suspension.

How tempting it is to make another person responsible for our happiness, and how absurd. To give such power to others means we`re at their mercy; it does not mean we`re happy. Where are, accepting full responsibility for our own acts and feelings does give us the power to be happy as we choose, as often as we choose.
Emotional maturity precludes our blaming or praising another for our personal well- being. There is reason to be exhilarated that we are blessed with as much control as we choose to have over our own growth, happiness and commitment to change. WE`re in another`s control only by choice- never by necessity. And when we`ve given our precious poer away, we`re reduced to waiting for someone else`s nod of approval, waiting for their invitation to live.

The time is now to decide for myself who I am, where I`m going and why! The time is now!

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