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To wait for someone else, or to expect someone to make my life richer or fuller or more satisfying puts me in a constant state of suspension

How tempting it is to make another person responsible for our happiness and how absurd. To give such power to others means we`re at their mercy it does not mean we`re happy. Whereas accepting full responsibility for our own acts and feelings does give us the power to be as happy as we choose, as often as we choose.

Emotional maturity preludes our blaming or praising another for our personal well- being. THere is reason to be exhilarated that we are blessed with as much control as we choose to have over

our own growth, happiness and commitment to change. We`re in another`s control only by choice never by necessity. And when we`ve given our precious power away we`re reduced to waiting waiting for someone else `s nod of approval waiting for their invitation to live.

The time is now to decide for myself who I am, where I`m going and why! The time is now.

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